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Father-son duo wins S.D. Walleye Classic

Published August 15, 2012

By Jay Davis

The father-son duo of Kenny and Dustin Vogel of Onaka, SD teamed up to win the South Dakota Walleye Classic in Akaska on Saturday. The dynamic duo used three consistent days to catch  43.39 pounds of walleye and collect a first-place check for $2,500.

The Vogels did not have the top weight in any of the three days, but were always near the top. Their 17.71 pounds on Thursday was the third best weight. That created the perfect storm as their 11.72 pounds on day two ranked third and their 13.96 pounds on day ranked, yes, third.
Their 43.39-pound total gave them a comfortable three-pound win over runners-up Bob Severston of Akaska, SD and Jason Heien of Onida, SD, who caught 40.38 pounds. The team had the heaviest weight for day three with 16.23 pounds. That weight included the tourney’s biggest walleye, a 7.61-pound whopper.
Timber Lake football coach Brent Mareska and teammate Jeff Mistelski of Bismark, ND finished third with 38.86 pounds. They started hot with the tournament’s top single day performance, catching 20.65 pounds of walleye on Thursday. They cooled down with only 7.2 pounds on Saturday, but were able to hang on for the third-place finish.
Gary Beck and Brent Reilly of Selby, SD suffered the same Saturday anguish. They caught just 4.12 pounds on day three, but after catching a 31.31 pounds the first two days, had a three-day total of 35.43 pounds and finished fourth.
Mike Gibbs and Scott Woodward of Glendive, MT rallied with 15.54 pounds on Saturday to finish in fifth with 34.95 pounds.
Corey Sauerwein of Aberdeen, SD  and Marty Looyenga, of Mobridge, SD finished sixth with 33.78 pounds. Seventh went to Jess Schilling of Akaska, SD and Mark Cutler of Fredrick, SD with 32.55 pounds and eighth went to Tommy Houck of Akaska, SD and Kent Perkins of Claremont, SD with 26.92 pounds.
Chris Brown took first place in the co-anglers competition with a three-day total of 38 pounds.

South Dakota Walleye Classic
1. Kenny Vogel, Dustin Vogel, 17.71, 11.72, 13.96, 43.39; 2. Bob Severtson, Jason Heien, 13.15, 11.0, 16.23, 40.38; 3. Brent Mareska, Jeff Mistelski, 20.65, 11.01, 7.2, 38.86; 4. Gary Beck, Brent Reilly, 18.19, 13.12, 4.12, 35.43; 5. Mike Gibbs, Scott Wooward, 15.23, 4.18, 15.54, 34.95; 6. Corey Sauerwein, Martin Looyenga, 15.88, 11.89, 6.01, 33.78; 7. Jess Schilling, Mark Cutler, 10.42, 8.77, 13.36, 32.55; 8. Tommy Houck, Kent Perkins, 7.83, 5.85, 13.24, 26.92; 9. Justin Joachim, Cory Heien, 2.63, 11.0, 10.47, 24.1;
11. Mike Zell, Luke Kramer, 13.76, 3.1, 6.62, 23.48; 12. Ted Takasaki, Jammie Koepp, 4.78, 8.5, 9.13, 22.41; 13. Chad Schilling, Eric Meyer, 3.88, 4.83, 13.06, 21.77; 14. Reece Brown, Derick Stanley, 10.14, 5.23, 2.21, 17.58; 15. Victor Wood, Sandra Wood, 7.2, 1.72, 7.66, 16.58; 16. Bobby Simon, Teddy Holzwarth, 8.47, 2.76, 2.48, 13.71; 17. Brad Schilling, Rita Cleveland, 6.39, 3.11, 0, 9.5; 18. Jen Buechel, Jim Hauck, 3.44, 5.96, 0, 9.4; 19. Conner Hanson, Lance Larsen, 0, 6.8, 0, 6.8.

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