2017 Tournament


                         2017 Official South Dakota Walleye Classic Rules

 1. Participants and Eligibility a. Each contestant must complete, sign and submit an official entry form along with the correct entry fee. Upon acceptance, applications will be entered into the field or placed on an alternate list. b. Team must consist of 2 or 3 people 18 years of age or with a parent/guardian, must be capable of understanding and performing safety functions. In good physical and mental condition. c. Each contestant must possess all necessary valid fishing licenses. d. The SDWC reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual who does not meet these criteria or who has been disciplined for tournament rule violations

. 2. Contestants must pay fees with check, or money order. a. Tournament will be limited to 75 teams. b. Forms must be received along with tournament entry fee. c. Entries will be accepted up to July 15, 2017. Successful applicants will be notified upon acceptance

. 3. Scoring a. This is a competitive fishing tournament. Teams will work together to obtain the maximum daily limit and weight. Weights will be carried forward to the next day of competition. b. Only walleye, sauger and saugeye will be weighed. Each boat may weigh in 7 fish daily. Minimum size 14”. Only 2 fish may be 20” or longer. Fish will be measured in accordance with the American Fisheries Society standards; closed mouth and pinched tail. The SDWC rules will be the tournament judge. c. Payouts will be guaranteed if 75 teams are entered. 100% of the entry fee will be paid. 1st Place $6750.00 2nd Place $4500.00 3rd Place $3375.00 4th Place $2250.00 5th Place $1125.00 6th thru 10th Place $900.00  Based on 75 Teams. d. 12 fish (3 person team) 8 fish (2 person team) may be brought in. Once the 12th or 8th fish is kept, the contestants must return to the bump station.7 of these 12 or 8 fish will be weighed. 2 of these fish can be 20” or over and the rest must be less than 20” but not less than 14”. Any violation of these measurements will result in the disqualification of the largest fish. e. There is no penalty for dead fish, however anglers are asked to keep fish as presentable as possible. Ifyour fish are not presentable, you will not be allowed any photo opportunity with your fish. f. Ties for any place will split awards. g. In the event the final day is cancelled due to weather, the awards ceremony will be scheduled as close to noon as possible. h. Any fish altered (before or after being caught) which enhances the weight or circumvents tournament slot limits, will result in the loss of the total weight for the day. Altering fish penalty: angler/anglers will be banned from SDWC tournaments in the future.

 4. PRE- Tournament Practice and Registration a. Teams must register at the Akaska Community Center between 3:00 and 5:00 P.M. July 20, 2017. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the Tournament Director. b. All teams must be off the water by 2:30 P.M. July 20, 2017. The rules meeting will be held at the Akaska Community Center at 6:00 P.M. Thursday July 20, 2017. One member from each team must be present at the rules meeting. Penalty for being late for the rules meeting is $100.00 assessed against the team. c. It shall be the competitor’s responsibility to know the schedule of events for registration time and location and other meeting functions or obtain the times from SDWC.

 5. Tournament Format a. SDWC will be a two day tournament unless delayed or shortened due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. The Boundaries are down south to (but not under) Highway 212 bridge and then up to north (but not under) Highway 12 bridge. The Moreau River is included within the boundaries. b. Once a tournament day begins, a weigh-in will occur unless the day is cancelled by tournament officials. If cancellation occurs, all contestants will be notified via marine band radio and a weigh-in will not be conducted. Upon notification, all boats will cease fishing and return immediately (advising all boats they encounter on the return). All boats should “echo response” the official cancellation notice to assure all hear the message. All boats must contact SDWC officials as soon as they return to safe harbor. c. Contestants will check out each morning, and check in each afternoon at the designated location with the official timekeeper. At registration each team will receive a boat number which must be present in the boat at all times and shown to tournament officials upon request. Contestants who return late will forfeit their weight for the day. If a breakdown occurs, contestants may transfer fish only to another contestant’s boat, which must return on time. They may also be towed by a contestant or non-contestant, but must return on time. SDWC officials should be notified immediately as to what actions are being taken and by whom. Tournament officials may weigh fish late for teamslending assistance if it is determined that the team could have made the weigh in time. d. Contestants must stay in contact with their boat, but may leave their boat for emergencies, to participate in rescue operations, or to use the bathroom. One team member must stay in contact with the boat (unless an emergency prohibits). e. On tournament days, teams must stay off tournament waters before and after tournament hours except to navigate in a straight line to the launch ramp. f. Pets are permitted in boats during competition. g. Contestant boats may not come along side each other during the tournament hours (except during emergency assistance reported to tournament officials)

 6. Equipment and Tackle a. Artificial lures and live bait are allowed. b. All fish must be caught on hook and line. A maximum of two lines per contestant will be allowed. c. Teams will provide a boat with all coast guard local, state and regional safety equipment (including type IV throw cushion, flare kit, distress flag, horn or whistle and fire extinguisher). In addition each boat is required to have a fully functional marine band radio and an operational bilge pump. A boat inspection may occur. d. All marine band radios must be functional and tuned to the SDWC designated channel at all times during the tournament. A non-working radio will keep the boat in the bay until repairs are made so that is fully functional.  e. Radio, pager, text messaging and phone communications are prohibited. Cellular phones must be turned off during completion hours, but may be used for safety or emergency calls. IN THE EVENT OF A LIFE AND DEATH EMERGENCY CALL 911 FIRST AND THEN NOTIFY TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS. For all other tournament emergencies, contact SDWC officials first. 

 7. Safety  a. Each competitor must observe safe boat conduct, no-wake zones, and local navigation rules and demonstrate boating courtesy at all times. b. Each competitor is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver, which must be fully secured whenever running above trolling speed. c. Use of alcohol or drugs (other than prescription) is strictly prohibited. d. The tournament director may declare any entrant or participant ineligible to compete who may hinder or endanger the safety and well-being of anycontestant or be able to perform safety functions. e. If lightning is visible, use common sense. Proceed to safe water/shore as necessary.

 8. Sportsmanship a. All anglers are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and sportsmanlike manner at all times. b. Any contestant’s conduct or actions, which negatively reflect on the SDWC, the natural resources, other contestants, sponsors or host community at any time, will be subject to disqualification.

 9. Rules and Interpretation a. The Tournament Director will interpret rules according to the spirit and intent of the rule and his decision shall be final. b. Contestants will be responsible for knowing and abiding by all SDWC, STATE, and local rules and regulations, which pertain to the tournament waters. c. All protests must be made in writing with the tournament director within 30 minutes of the completion of the daily weigh-in. After review the tournament director shall rule on the matter and take appropriate action in accordance with the tournament rules. Note: ALL FISH AT THE BUMP STATION AND WEIGH-IN WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY “This tournament is part of the Northern Oahe Walleye Series and the top 20 teams will qualify for the Championship Tourney on August 19, 2017”         


             Schedule of Events 2017 SDWCF

 Thursday July 20th

 Boats off the water by 2:30 P.M.

 Registration 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.

 Rules Meeting/Calcutta and Social/Food Available (Swan Creek Community Club)  6:00 P.M. to 8:00 p.m.  

 Friday July 21st

 Boats launch day 1 - 8:00 A.M. – return 4:00 P.M. Swan Creek Bay

 Arts in the Park

 Weigh-Ins 4:00 – 6:00 P.M. Akaska Community Center

 Food Concession Available (Swan Creek Community Club)

  Akaska Bait Shop - 8:00 p.m. DUELING PIANO'S (No Cover Charge).

 Saturday July 22nd

 Boats launch based on day 1 finish - 8:00 A.M. – return 4:00 P.M.

 Arts in the Park.

 Weigh-Ins 4:00 – 6:00 P.M. Akaska Community Center (Food Available SCCC)

 Akaska Bait Shop - 6:00 p.m., BEAN BAG TOURNEY.  

 Sunday July 23rd

 Church Service 10:00 A.M. Akaska Community Center                  


 Jensen Rock & Sand

 Northern De Watering

 Heartland Waste Management Inc.

 Miller Lodge

Bank West 

Walworth County Implement

 D & S Campground

 Dave’s Marine

Mobridge Livestock

 Oahe Wings and Walleye

 Marin – Biel Insurance

 Selby Veterinary

 Houck Ranches

 Triple U Ranch

 Selby Oil

 Lutz Mowing

 Jerry’s Pawn  Shorty's One-Stop

 Akaska Bait Shop      

Arts in the Park

   Saturday  July 22, 2017  10am to 4pm    No booth rental charge but an application is required for planning purposes.  Email application to: Doris Ketterling dketter@nvc.net, (605) 216-7619 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registration/Application Form For Fine Arts/Crafts Exhibitors  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

Contact Name.________________________________________________ 

  Business Name_______________________________________________  

 Type of Craft: _________________________________________________

  Address: _____________________________________________________

 City, State, Zip:________________________________________________

  Phone: _______________________________________________________

   Email: ________________________________________________________ Number of Booths requested: ____ Will you be attending Friday? No_____ Yes ____ If yes, what time:______   Need electricity: No_____ Yes ____    Comment: ____________________________________________________ 

Release Form

 I hereby release and forever discharge the Akaska Arts Festival Committee, Town of Akaska and all other sponsoring organizations and their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of or in conjunction with my application to or participate in Akaska Arts Festival 2017. Akaska Arts Festival will not be responsible for any injury sustained by guest while within the park. Further, I understand that we will not be responsible for the items/products that are brought to the park/building.  By signing this application form, applicant acknowledges having received and read the application and prospectus and agrees to abide by all rules set forth herein. Applicant declares that they will abide by the rules of the contract. The Akaska Arts Festival Committee reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to ask vendors/businesses to remove their booth upon request by the Akaska Arts Festival officials if the rules are not abided. I agree to abide by all the rules set forth in the Akaska Arts Festival prospectus and application. Signature of Person Responsible: _____________­­­­­______    

 Akaska Arts Festival General Information/Rules for Exhibitors  ·

 The Akaska Arts Festival will be Saturday, July 22, 2017. Set up 8am. · Friday July 21, 2017 is optional. Set up Friday 8am, can remain to Saturday.

 · ***** We have the Hauser building again this year to set up in.***** 

 · Each single booth space is approximately 10’x10’ · It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to transport merchandise to their booth site. · Booths must be completely constructed and ready for the public by 10 am   Saturday (again, Friday is welcome as well) and will run until 4pm (tournament   weigh-in is at 4pm in the Community Center across the street from us).  · Artists must provide their own display system including tables, chairs, electrical cords/power strips and fans (encouraged!). · This is an all-weather event. Please plan for rain or shine, including wind. (Yes, even in the building!!) · Food/Beverages are available at The Bait Shop, a runner is available if needed.  · All exhibitors are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax. Forms will be provided.  · The Akaska Arts Festival assumes no responsibilities or liabilities for loss or  damage.   For any questions contact: Doris Ketterling (605) 216-7619, dketter@nvc.net  Check out website www.sdwalleyeclassic.com Akaska Arts Festival, PO Box 202, Akaska, SD 57420.    


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  Akaska Arts Festival

 Saturday  July 22, 2017  10am to 4pm    No booth rental charge but an application is required for planning purposes.  Email application to: Doris Ketterling dketter@nvc.net, (605) 216-7619. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registration/Application Form For Fine Arts/Crafts Exhibitors  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Contact Name: _______________________


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